My Journey

Sports has been apart of my life since childhood. I started first playing in pop Warner when I was about 5 years old. I’ve had many ups and downs but along the way continued to keep pushing. I’ve failed countless times, From not starting at QB until the 3rd game of my junior year to redshirting my first year in college nothing is or will be a straight and easy path to get what you want. Currently going into year 5 of my NFL journey and man does it go fast.


What Football Is To Me

Football, to myself & many other athletes become attached to who we are. My biggest advice to those in any career field is to find who you are without it. Answer the questions of who you are as a man/woman without football or whatever sport you play. Everything comes to an end eventually. Trophies tarnish and glory fades. Cherish the time while you are playing but start learning more about yourself. For me doing so not only helped me on the field but more importantly off the field.