“A Man Fully Alive”

The glory of God is me fully alive. One of my favorite quotes describing this is “To live is the rarest thing in the world, Most People just exist”. I want to make the most of every opportunity and day I get no matter if its good or bad. From where I came from to where I’m at now is completely a blessing. I still consider myself young but I’ve always felt blinded or something deep inside of me not fulfilled until I was about 25 years old. My life completely changed course and thanks to Life Skills, my Seattle QB coach Dave Cannales, & my family I figured out what my Life statement is. (A Man Fully Alive) and ever since then I’ve been on a personal mission to figure out exactly what that means to me.

Life is meant to be filled with love. To do things not out of fear but doing everything in and out of Love. As my fitness and life coach Erich Nall says we are human BEINGS, we are meant to BE. To live & To love, because in the end that’s all we have and that’s all we are. LOVE.

I try to live by that in everything I do. I am me and I’m not here to be anyone else. I wouldn’t change anything in my life because it has all led me to where I’m at now. My journey for self truth and self love in a world that is constantly trying to define it for us is underway. I don’t expect perfection in my journey but living it out each moment fully alive will allow me to look back one day and be proud of my time here.


My passions are Traveling, photography, and cooking!

Interestingly enough I’ve gained 1 passion from each of my parents.

My first passion traveling stems from my mother who has been a flight attendant for the past 34 years.

On top of her being a flight attendant was her eagerness to push me to do and see more. To having an open view of the world and my thoughts. There is so much to see and at this point I want to experience it all.

Photography was something I picked up on my own. I took one photography class in high school but throughout college would document my travels or life with my go pro then eventually once I had the funds to purchase a camera I started taking pictures and from there my passion grew.

My passion in cooking stems from my father. Growing up he was the major cook of the family so I was constantly watching him and eventually began cooking myself. Cooking to me isn’t necessarily about the food made but the time spent together with friends or family.